Monday, December 29, 2008

Never give up.

Look for meaning in the simple things.

Find the real voice.

Express who you really are.

Look for... never... umm... I got nothin'.

Consider less caffeine?

Keep your eye on the big picture.

Be careful. :-)

Transcend your limitations.

Be gentle with children.

Read more about this little girl here.

Look where you're going.

Appreciate the beautiful things.


Say. Them. Correctly. (at least every once in a while)

Did I mention appreciating the beauty?

Remember those who've made a difference in your life.

Elemore Morgan, August 6, 1931 - May 18, 2008. My college drawing teacher and friend.

Cry a little every now and then. It feels good.

Be grateful.

Many of you know the story of what happened to my friend Paul Jerde, and the journey he has been on since his accident in June. It was a powerful reminder to be grateful for each moment I have.

Enjoy the peaceful moments.


Find some good books.

Pay attention when on conference calls. (not really)

Keep facing your fears.

(sometimes mine is a blank canvas.)

Treat yourself every now and then.

Notice the beautiful flowers.

Especially those that remind you of your mom.

Miss you Mom!

Embrace diversity.

Never lose this.

Start a dream journal.

Don't take yourself to seriously.

Don't forget to wear a helmet.

And in 2009, remember that you are!

Happy 2009! Make it your best year yet.